A Smart Start with Research Starters!

September 11, 2017

Starting a research project? Make your life easier by beginning your search at Onesearch (library search box on our home page). Onesearch provides Research Starters or Topic Overviews to help you get to know your research topic including important factors like Who is involved, What happened or what is the issue, Where did it take place, When did the event occur, and Why is the topic important.

Here’s an example: If you are researching the Trump Administration’s stance on campus sexual assault and rules related to victims and those accused (see this Tweet for more information), you might want to start your research by getting to know the issue of sexual assault from all sides.

Try a simple search in Onesearch such as “sexual assault” or “sexual assault on college campuses” to find a Research Starter like this one:

Screen capture of research starter on Sexual Assault from library website

This Research Starter comes from an encyclopedia and in just a few paragraphs it points out some of the controversial issues surrounding sexual assault including education regarding sexual assault, gender role perceptions, alcohol on college campuses, and disclosure of sexual assault. A research starter like this one can quickly help you identify ways to narrow a research topic or additional terms or ideas. Each of the topics that are in bold above came from the research starter, and each would be useful as you search further on issue of sexual assault laws and the rights and protections for both victims and those accused.

Start your research today with a Research Starter from Onesearch!

Note for students: Sexual assault isn’t just a research topic; it’s a real and serious issue. If you need to speak to someone, CRC has professionals who care and who want to help  you. Speak with a counselor, the college nurse, or visit a Safe Space for help and support.


Tool of the week: Onesearch!

September 5, 2017

Two weeks of the semester down… and no doubt you’ve got your first paper looming. Make your life easier by using Onesearch from the CRC Library to find news, books, academic journals, films, and background information for your paper. Sort and limit your search to find the best information, and cite sources with just a click! Check out this video to learn more!


Sharks and Fake News

August 29, 2017

Are there sharks swimming down the streets of Houston? No!

Fake news strikes again. Over the last year, no doubt you’ve heard the topic of fake news brought up by the media, politicians, and even your professors. So is fake news actually a problem or is it a bunch of hype?

The answer is yes…fake news is a real thing and something you need to look out for in your information environment. How can you avoid the fake news trap?Be on the lookout for clickbait headlines, misleading photos, and false information especially showing up in social media feeds. Read articles before you share them, and take a look at this guide created by Los Rios librarians…

Evaluating (mis)information 

For examples of fake news in action (and the real damage it can cause), take a look at this article from the New York Times describing false rumors connected with Hurricane Harvey.

Qui, Linda. “A Shark in the Street and Other Hurricane Harvey Rumors You Shouldn’t              Believe.”New York Times, 28 Aug. 2017,  https://nyti.ms/2wdh4dp. Accessed 29 Aug.              2017.


That Magical Card!

August 29, 2017

If you’re headed to the Library to check out a book or make copies, don’t forget that magical card…your Student Access Card. Check out this video to find out all the things you can do with it!

To get your card today, stop by the College Center (main campus) or the Elk Grove Center (first floor).


Welcome to the Library Lines blog!

August 31, 2009

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